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Isaac.Hayes-Discography.1967-2007.MP3.32 latecher




Category:Songwriter discographies Category:Discographies of American artists Category:Rock music discographiesBackground ========== In utero treatment of cerebral ventricular dilatation in myelomeningocele and hydrocephalus should be aimed at early prevention of CSF stagnation. Prophylactic CSF drainage after meningitis is generally performed without clinical benefit, since most ventricular enlargements occur after meningitis. We report two cases of adult ventriculomegaly successfully treated by lumbar CSF drainage. Case reports ============ Case 1 ------ An 18 year-old man was operated upon for an upper leg fracture and a fractured tibial plateau. Two months later, the patient underwent a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan revealing periventricular ventricular dilatation. Clinical examination revealed no other neurological abnormalities. The patient underwent a ventriculostomy (right) and catheter insertion. CSF analysis indicated an elevated CSF pressure (1.3 cm H~2~O). Serum proteins, glucose and white blood cell count were normal. The patient was cured of the fever. No CSF accumulation was seen on MRI, at 3 months follow-up. Case 2 A 28 year-old woman with a history of partial oophorectomy in the first year of life developed abdominal pain, fever and drowsiness. Ultrasound showed a normal uterus, but a suspected intraperitoneal collection of fluid. CT scan confirmed a fluid collection with a characteristic pattern of ventriculomegaly (Figure [1](#F1){ref-type="fig"}). CSF was yellowish and had a high pressure (2.6 cm H~2~O). CSF analysis revealed elevated protein (2.2 g/dl), glucose (4.9 mmol/l) and cell count (256 cells/μl). She underwent a lumbar CSF drain (right) and catheter insertion. CSF analysis remained normal. She was cured of the fever. No CSF accumulation was seen on MRI, at 6 months follow-up. ![](2047-783X-14-S1-A7-1){#F1} Discussion Hydrocephalus is a common complication in myelomeningocele patients. It is treated by shunts when it is symptomatic





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Isaac.Hayes-Discography.1967-2007.MP3.32 latecher
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